Are You A Project Manager Who Want To Master The Craft Of Presentation? Consider Kafela GC Train the Trainer Course

Companies today have several different options for developing their workforce. Some of them offer paid leave so that employees can attend training courses, others organise weekend workshops. Shadowing staff members, mentoring by line managers, and networking are other popular ways companies use to train their staff.

One of the most common options, however, is offering in-house or external training. Some companies have even developed in-house training programs that are taught by their own staff. After all, it makes sense to use trainers who already understand the organisation, its culture and employees, right?

Unfortunately, however, it’s not as simple as that. While these trainers may have the technical skills needed, can they actually teach?

We, Kafela Global Service are the Accredited/Approved Train the Trainer Courses Specialist and have a wide range of Health & Safety Trainer Courses. Why not get one or more of your staff trained to teach your health and safety courses in-house

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