Kafela Global Concept Ltd ( KGCL)


About Us

Kafela Global Concept Ltd ( KGCL) was established to help industries and organizations improve their Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality performances primarily through consultation, auditing and analysing of existing occupational health and safety problems and development of plans for improvement.

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Company’s mission


The Company’s mission is to offer a high quality occupational Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality Consultancy Services and excellent HSQE Training to Clients.

Why Choose Us


At KGCL we are very passionate about HSQE issue and aim to help businesses strike a balance between legal requirements and their operational needs. We handle the areas you worry about.

We Are Enablers


We are proud of being different SHQE experts. We are enablers. We strive to say ‘Yes’ to our clients; quite the opposite of the stereotyped HSQE person with their head buried in legislation finding reasons to say no.

Our Clients


Our clients need help in managing and reducing risks. We work with them to move their business forward. It is not about removing all risk; that is just not the world we live in. We provide cutting edge, quality, relevant and affordable solutions to help meet our client’s safety and security needs.

Excellent Services


By providing excellent services and solutions to our Client’s HSQE issues, we build excellent relationships with our clients through mutual trust and emotional engagement.