Interchangeable Lens Cosmos™ Safety Spectacle

The Cosmos has a sleek design, rubber tip temples, adjustable metal core nose bridge and a full range of lens options.

Our engineers optimised the fit of the frame, making 11 different tooling iterations, improving the facial fit profile to get the curve of the lens and frame just right. Available in 5 lens options making the Cosmos frame ideal for all applications. Offers UVA, UVB and UVC protection and conforms to EN166.1.F.T

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Product Description

  1. Comfort
    A precisely engineered 24g lightweight frame and rubber tip temples create an ideal
    comfortable fit.
  2. Adjustable – CLOSE FIT
    The metal core nose bridge can be adjusted to suit the wearers individual face shape.
  3. Lens Choices
    5 lens options available, making the Cosmos frame ideal for all applications.
    Kit comes packed in a hard case that holds one frame and up to 5 lenses and a
    protective cleaning pouch.
  5. Protection
    Cosmos™ safety spectacles offer UVA, UVB and UVC protection and are certified to EN166.1.F and ANSI Z87+


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