The ‘Managing Safely’ course is for those required to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both their organisation’s policy and best practice in health and safety.

The course aims to ensure that safety requirements are appreciated by people employed as line managers, and to enable them to review their own departmental systems for safety, introducing new controls or implementing changes as appropriate to ensure safety in the workplace.

The IOSH Managing Safely course is the ideal starting point for your Health and Safety career, you will have an underpinning knowledge of the core health and safety subjects; therefore make you better prepared for your NEBOSH studies!

Occupational health and safety is concerned with the promotion of better working environments, often characterized by motivated workers and competent managers, and preventing foreseeable losses to individuals and organisations.

According to the Health and Safety Commission (HSC), most health and safety failures are due to poor management and ignorance of good practice, rather than direct malicious intent.

Health and safety is an essential part of a Manager’s role, irrespective of their primary function. Everybody at work is responsible for health and safety performance by taking reasonable care for the health and safety of one another and other people who may be affected by their acts and omissions.

Managers can delegate responsibilities for health and safety practice, but, within their scope of control, they cannot delegate their legal accountability.

Managers need to have a sufficient understanding of their responsibilities if they are to manage health and safety effectively

IOSH Managing Safely is a basic course in health and safety designed to give managers and supervisors from all types of organisation an understanding of how to deal with health and safety issues in the workplace.

IOSH Managing Safely will help the delegates acquire the knowledge and tools needed to tackle the Health and Safety issues they are responsible for. Importantly, it brings home just why Health and Safety is such an essential part of their job.
Many organisations choose IOSH Managing Safely for their safety staff and employee representatives to provide a consistent understanding of health and safety issues so they can assist their managers and carry out their functions effectively.

IOSH Managing Safely is for Managers and Supervisors in any sector and any organisation. It is designed to get Managers up to speed on the practical actions they need to take to handle Health and Safety in their teams. This course is designed as an introduction to Health and Safety in the workplace for Managers. It focuses on training the Manager to apply sound management principles to Safety and Health issues as part of a Total Management Strategy.

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IOSH Working Safely covers…

1. Introducing Working safely

Some Managers see Health and Safety as an add on to their role and even as an intrusion. The first module makes it clear that Managers are accountable for their teams and makes a persuasive case for Managing safely.

2. Assessing risks

This module defines and demystifies ‘risk’ and ‘risk assessment’. Risk assessments and a simple scoring system are introduced and delegates carry out a series of assessments.

3. Controlling risks

Here the session tackles cutting risks down, concentrating on the best techniques to control key risks, and how to choose the right method.

4. Understanding your responsibilities

This module looks at the demands of the law and how the legal system works, and introduces a health and safety management system.

5. Identifying hazards

All the main issues any operation has to deal with are covered in this module – entrances and exits, work traffic, fire, chemicals, electricity, physical and verbal abuse, bullying, stress, noise, housekeeping and the working environment, slips, trips and falls, working at height, computers and manual handling.

6. Investigating accidents and incidents

The session starts with why accidents should be investigated, and goes on to cover why things go wrong, and how to carry out an investigation when they do.

7. Measuring performance

This module explains how checking performance can help to improve health and safety. Delegates learn how to develop basic performance indicators, and get to grips with auditing and proactive and reactive measuring.

8. Protecting our environment

A short but effective introduction to waste and pollution leads into a look at how organisations and individual managers can get involved in cutting down environmental impacts.

By the end of the training delegates will be able to :

  • Apply basic management and practices to safety and health issues as part of a total management strategy.
  • Understand why incidents and accidents occur and know how to undertake a suitable investigation.
  • Understand the basic principles of risk assessment, developing control strategies and evaluating performance.
  • Be familiar with the employer’s, managers’ and the employees’ legal and moral responsibilities for health and safety.
  • Have the capacity to communicate effectively on health and safety matters.
  • Recognise the hazards within the workplace and the type of action which may be needed to control and manage them.

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By means of a 45-minute written assessment paper consisting of multi-choice questions and a practical project

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The Course is a four days taught unit assessed by means of a 45-minute written assessment paper consisting of 22 multi-format questions and a practical project.

For the practical project, delegates are required to record a workplace risk assessment and return it to IOSH within 2 weeks of course completion.

Delegates who successfully complete the written and practical assessments will be awarded with a IOSH Managing Safely Certificate.

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  • Widely acclaimed Globally recognised and respected certificated training for their Managers and Supervisors
  • Peace of mind offered by training that is designed and quality controlled by the foremost Chartered body for Health and Safety professionals
  • Flexibility – the programme can be delivered in slots that suit the business
  • Two key areas – Health and Safety and environmental basics – are covered in a single programme

On successful completion of the course, delegates should understand :

  • Why it is important to manage health and safety
  • The key parts of a health and safety management system
  • Their responsibilities as a manager
  • What the law requires them to do
  • What a risk assessment is and how risk assessments are carried out
  • How to reduce risks and which risk control methods to use
  • What common hazards are and what can be done about them
  • How accidents and incident happen
  • Why accidents and incident need investigating and how to carry out an accident investigation
  • Performance measurement and how to measure performance
  • The main objectives of an audit and the differences between an internal and external audit
  • The impact of industry on the environment and how pollution and waste can be controlled; and
  • The main elements of an environmental management system.

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Attend this Course and KGCL will help you apply to be a member of IOSH – Institution of Occupational Safety and Health the world’s acclaimed safety professional body
KGCL will help you apply for this.

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There are limited places on each course, so take this great step towards improving your knowledge and competence in Health and Safety by booking your place on the next course NOW. This will change your life for the better and improve your employability and start the journey to becoming a Certificated Health and Safety Practitioner

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An Interactive and disciplined learning method. This session consists of an intensive and focused 10 days classroom teaching conducted within two weeks. Training consists of lectures, videos, discussions, activities, assignments and sharing of professional experiences among delegates and trainers. During this period, delegates are guided by our expert and

Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner trainers who are dedicated to maintain standards of each individual.

Lunch and tea-breaks will be provided.

Tutor support will be available throughout the course of study.

Our price includes :

  • Delegate registration
  • IOSH fees
  • Refreshments
  • Lunch
  • Comprehensive course notes
  •  IOSH Certificate on successful completion

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